Social Media Marketing

Ridley Cooper

The Brief

As a top UK retailer, Ridley Cooper is a leading provider of blue-light blocking glasses. Bringing timeless, modern and stylish glasses that provide some amazing health benefits, they were in need of a new high converting site and were looking to expand their reach and generating new forms of revenue through social media marketing.

The Objectives

Grow a targeted social audience, comprised of highly relevant users who are most likely to engage with Ridley Cooper.

To build comprise a database of new found audiences that we could then target through paid advertisement

The Results

To grow the social accounts for Britannica, we used a dual strategy of using highly targeted and continuously optimised growth ads on both Facebook and Instagram; coupled with engaging and interesting posts that would lead to shares, likes and comments – which ultimately would result in growth. In the first month of the campaign, we managed to generate a 4.2 ROI.

To achieve the second goal, we ran a few competitions as well as special offers and sign ups. Through these techniques Ridley Cooper received over 1500+ emails by month two alone!

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