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Month 1 - How we generated £30,738 from a £2,500 ad spend

To achieve success in the bed and furniture market with social media marketing, you need not only a good customer base, but also a convenient set of optimised ads that will attract the attention of not only your current audience but completely cold new audiences you didn't even know existed. Having successful social media advertising as a resource, your company will be able to massively increase sales and bypass competitors. The creation of revenue generating ads for a furniture company is a complex and responsible process. Our team take into account several factors at once. For example, great attention is paid to the design and offer of the ad, which should be attractive and concise. The functionality of the ads is also important. So we constantly evolve, discuss and discover new ways to keep the ads working at the highest possibly performance.

Getting results

When you partner with Moji, you are partnering with an experienced local SMMA that works as an extension of your business to implement revenue generating techniques on all your social platforms. Below you can see some results for a recent client of ours:

The Results

Budget: £2,500

Revenue Generated: £30,738.00

Return on investment: 12.29x

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