Social Media Marketing

Buddy Bear

The Brief

With a focus on putting an end to anxious sleeping, Buddy Bear created an amazing product that illuminates the room with soft colours for those who are scared of the dark or have issue sleeping at night. Having established themselves as a hugely popular brand, they felt the need to keep up the rapid growth and expand into social media marketing, that is when they approached me to give them a helping hand.

The Objectives

Develop a larger following to ensure credibility and potentially increase demand, whilst generating new revenue at a large scale.

The Results

To increase the brand reach, we would have to use a strategy that focused on two components: creating beautiful posts that showed off the product and then promoting those posts using the tried and tested strategy's I have learnt over the years.

We felt that it was important to get the full idea of Buddy Bear across to the viewer, so we decided that making video ads was the best route we could take. The videos turned out to be a huge success bringing in over 800 orders in the first month alone, on top of a 1,000,000 reach.

We then went on to scale the winning ads using our proven strategy's, which consistently turned over 30-40k a month bringing in an average of 5-6 ROI.

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