Social Media Marketing

APEX Drones

The Brief

APEX were looking to run a social media campaign to increase maximum brand reach and generate new found revenue. In case you didn’t know, APEX are a large drone distributer who are proudly one of the UK’s best retailers in the UAV industry.

The Objectives

Develop a larger following to ensure credibility and potentially increase demand, whilst generating new revenue at a large scale.

The Results

We achieved the objective by using our dual approach of highly effective and constantly optimised growth based social advertising as well as creating relevant, engaging content that keeps people coming back for more. Over the campaign, we achieved a 220% growth in sales with a 5x ROI.

As a by-product of our work with their growth, we also considerably increased their brand reach. APEX went from being non-existent on Facebook to reaching over 500,000 users in a single month using our tried and tested strategy.

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